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Front-end developer

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Dictionary App

Dictionary React.js Project

Deep diving into advanced techniques using React.js, HTML + CSS. I was able to integrate, phonetic, synonym, meaning, and photo galleries using the programing languages.This application highlights the integration of APIs, showcasing a fully functioning dictionary app.
Underscoring the intricate synergy of technology and design, reinforcing my belief in the transformative potential of React for creating sophisticated, feature-rich web applications
A simple yet effective design with a rewarding outcome.

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Weather React.js Project

Leveraging APIs for real-time weather data, I seamlessly integrated it into the React framework. Building upon the previous design, I crafted a user-friendly interface using HTML and CSS to display weather information in an intuitive way. This project proved to be challenging but immensely beneficial for advancing my React skills, particularly in managing state, handling asynchronous data fetching, and rendering components dynamically.

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World Clock App

World Clock

Developing a world clock application was an engaging endeavor. I embarked on crafting an interface that was not only visually appealing but also highly functional. For the design, I aimed for a minimalist yet intuitive approach. I used HTML and CSS to create a clean, user-friendly layout that allowed users to easily add and manage clocks for different cities.The dynamic updating of clocks without the need for manual refreshing added a level of sophistication to the user experience.

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